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How Do I Move on From Addiction?

Oct 20, 2017 | Recovery

“Once a cheater, always a cheater” can be heard as a mantra for those who may not believe that people can change their bad behaviors. That phrase may make you feel like you are doomed to have a life with the negative effects of addiction. You can, however, change the route of your own destiny when you are ready latch onto factors that can be instrumental in moving you on from your addiction.

Acceptance is the key

You probably do not want to admit that you are an addict or an alcoholic, but there is something liberating about welcoming the truth. Being an addict or alcoholic is not a bad thing and can become a blessing if you accept a lifestyle of recovery.

Do something different

If you want something you have never had. You will have to do something that you have never done. This may mean that you may have to put yourself in uncomfortable emotional situations that occur during individual growth, but the personal accolades you will produce from doing something different will help you to move on from addiction.

Fill the void

Distracting yourself with activities that can keep your mind off your addiction is a wise choice. Try new hobbies, sports, or exercises that can not only divert your attention, but can enhance your mood to make you feel better. Get out of range of your addiction by starting a new chapter in your life that includes things that you enjoy doing. You may be clueless to know what you like to do, but you should get out there and try different stuff. You might surprise yourself with the end results.

Get involved with a 12-Step Program

Being around people that relate to how you feel is important. You do not have to go through the trials and tribulations that develop in life alone. You are meant to live your life surrounded by people that appreciate who you are and encourage you because of it.

Be of service

Thinking of others takes you away from thinking only about yourself. Being of service represents both attitude and action that opens up the ability to see the opportunities for you to be of service in all you do. Service is not about doing grand gestures or getting recognition for them, but it is about doing something in the name of compassion that you were meant to do all along.

To safeguard against triggers that can trick you into thinking your addiction did good by you, make new accurate reminders of what recovery actually can do. Moving out of the darkness of your addiction can lead you into some new scenarios that can be useful to learn to live in a new light.

You deserve to be ADORNED in your recovery. Life skills, coping tools, education, holistic healing, and a sober support system will help you gain long term sobriety. Serenity Oaks Wellness Center offers a comprehensive treatment program for recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Call us today for information: 844-720-6847

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