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How Do I Know if I Had a Spiritual Awakening?

Dec 22, 2017 | Mental Health, QA

A spiritual awakening is something that can be common in addicts who may not have even known that they have had one. Sobriety can bring about a spiritual awakening in addicts because a spiritual awakening represents a new beginning just like sobriety does. Realizing that life can be empty without a sense of fulfillment which this awakening might have transferred into you, can set you on a personal spiritual journey.

Many people think that a spiritual awakening may be ignited by some monumental moment followed by some significant gesture by a Higher Being, which can happen. Most people, however, seem to be spiritually awakened by something that is more along the lines of tragedy, illness, death, or trauma. Whatever they are going through, may set the ball in motion to finally have their moment of clarity.

Once you have a spiritual awakening, you may start to look at life differently. You may start questioning your purpose in life and what you can do to be useful to humanity. Other significant questions may rustle within you that may give you the burning desire to find the answers to these deep-seated inquiries. Things such as, “Why was I spared?” “Why do bad things happen to good people?” “What is really out there?”

While exploring these recent resolutions, feeling an empathy that you have never felt before might invoke a newfound harmony that you can feel on the inside. The warm and fuzzy you will encounter in your soul can embody that of joy, freedom, and love. While the first moments of your spiritual experience may leave you feeling arduous, trusting the process can bring you through what will turn into a new sense of renewal.

As a result of your spiritual awakening, your beliefs, your criterion, your standards, and your morals can all change. This can seem confusing and unsettling to embark on a new way of thinking and feeling. Connecting to a Higher Power or a Divine Entity may be something to ponder during this time of self-examination. Spiritual growth can be a period that you are eager to see the truth while marking a new beginning.

You will not necessarily know that you had a spiritual experience until later. When you undergo this profound experience, hopefully you can look back to see this beautiful occurrence for what it really is to have your mind blown.  

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