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How Do I Know if I am Ready to Sponsor?

Apr 18, 2018 | QA, Recovery, Treatment

Sponsorship is a key element in helping someone to stay sober. The duty of a sponsor is to guide a sponsee through the 12-Steps while directing them how to handle the happenings of life by practicing the spiritual principles of the program. The fear that many people have with sponsoring other people is the possibility of giving them the wrong answer that they are seeking. If you are ready, you will possess a few qualifications.

You have done the steps

The rule of thumb is that you cannot aid someone on how to work a step if you have not done it yourself. You will not be able to transfer information if you have not experienced it yourself. Instead of talking the talk, let your deportment say it all.

You are taking action in your own life to stay sober

There are different tasks that sponsors will ask of their sponsee. Typically, daily readings, meditation, and prayers are standard, along with attending meetings. If you are not doing these things yourself, it would be hard to suggest them to others. By taking the actions that are suggested, you will remain spiritually fit enough to pass down recovery tools to others.

You take direction from your sponsor

Trying to reinvent the wheel in recovery is not necessary. Your sponsor was taught by their sponsor and so forth meaning that nobody is making up new information to be profound. The program already works for a reason and you should just stick to what direction has been conveyed to you.

You understand that the program is based on suggestions

Being a sponsor does not mean that you have the power to tell someone else what to do, you merely suggest what they might do from your own experience. Most people do not like to be told what to do which may lead them to not do what you suggest. Take it with a grain of salt and then discuss it with your sponsor. Your job is not to make decisions for them. Your job is to influence them to be the person that their Higher Power would have them be and this may cause some much needed trial and error comprehension on both of your parts.

Somebody has asked you to sponsor them

The program supports attraction rather than promotion. If somebody is asking for you to be their sponsor, you should feel honored because sponsorship is a big deal. That means that you have what they want in sobriety. Show them what you did to stay sober to give back what was given to you free of charge.

Being of service is an important piece of the recovery pie that will help you stay sober even if they do not. Remember that you cannot want somebody else’s sobriety more they want it. The willingness that is needed to stay sober only comes from within.

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