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How Do I Know if a Loved One is Depressed?

How Do I Know if a Loved One is Depressed?

Sep 6, 2018 | Mental Health, QA

Depression is being taken more seriously lately, with so many well-loved celebrities and lesser known, but just as loved, individuals taking their lives following depression. It is a difficult mental health condition to see because it can be hidden well by those who suffer excruciating pain. When you know the signs, it may help identify a problem before it is too late.

Sobriety and Mental Health

Early recovery is a time to focus on mental, physical, and spiritual health. Underlying mental health issues are no joke. Co-occurring disorders can be detrimental to a healthy recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Suffering from depression can be on of the toughest battles a person faces in recovery. When loved ones know the signs it can help to identify whether a person with addiction in recovery is struggling with a mental health disorder.

  • Changes to mood and emotions. Feeling low or down, irritable, angry, frustrated, or periods of unexplained crying or sadness are signs of depression.
  • Big appetite changes. Either the person is hungry a lot or has no interest in eating at all.
  • Feeling uncomfortable. The person seems easily agitated, restless and anxious.
  • No interest in doing anything. Loss of libido, withdrawing from friends and hobbies, and lacks joy in any activities.
  • Sleeping habits. Person seems unable to sleep or is tired all the time in spite of getting enough rest.
  • Intrusive thoughts. A million thoughts swimming in a person’s mind can feel like they’re uncontrollable or cannot be stopped.
  • Suicidal ideation. This is one not to ignore at all costs. If a person says, writes, or acts in a way that may cause self harm or mentions recent self-harm activity, this may be a huge red flag of depressive symptoms that can lead to suicide.

When a loved one is struggling with depression, it may or may not be known to others in the family. For those with serious symptoms that are on medication, it can be a battle to stay on the medication because, once the person feels better they might stop taking it. It is best to stay alert and focused on the person’s well-being if there are concerns about suicidal ideation or depression. It may be time to contact therapists and counselors to try and develop a better plan to support the person struggling if he or she seems unable to do this themselves. There is no easy answer for depression but having family and friends who support them is a good place to start.

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