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How Do I Channel My Compulsions Into Productivity?

How Do I Channel My Compulsions Into Productivity?

Sep 13, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, QA

Channeling compulsions into productivity can be a challenging endeavor. Everyone is busy with something, but people with compulsions are driven by the busyness of doing certain activities over and over again, even leading to addiction. There is no cure for it, but they can be monitored and controlled with productive activities focused less on doing and more on being present.

Successful Sobriety

One of the questions many people in sobriety get asked is how to quantify success. End of the day, there is no cure for addiction or compulsions. Whether it is sexual, gambling, drugs, alcohol, or myriad other addictions, there are strategies for coping which can help a person feel successful but there is no great ‘measure of success’ by most people’s definitions. The ‘end game’ for sobriety is to stay sober, clean, and keeping compulsions under control on a day-by-day basis.

Productive Sobriety

One of the best things a person in recovery can do is to find ways of managing triggers and a compulsion to return to addictive patterns. The easiest way to do this is by finding other hobbies and activities to take up one’s time. Some people really enjoy journaling and writing because it can be a self-reflective exercise, or it may be a time to focus on sober living and the past. However a person uses a hobby, it should support feeling better about themselves and focused on finding positive outlets for any negative energy that wants to focus on addiction. Some great outlets for feeling productive in sobriety can include:

  • Nature-based hobbies like hiking, biking, or exploring the outdoors
  • Joining a team or group focused on a common goal (mud runs, fitness groups, basketball teams, etc)
  • Creative projects with an end goal
  • Volunteering or serving the community

There are endless ways to feel more productive in sobriety. The challenge is to find something that feels like there is something new to learn, ways to grow, and perhaps an end goal in mind. This can help quantify the ends justifying the means (perhaps spending money to do the activity if there is an end result), which can drive a person to feel good about striving for that outcome.

Everything is best in moderation. Whether it is a hobby, work, or anything else in life, it is possible to experience crossover addiction so people must be mindful not to jump too far into hobbies. They can be a great outlet, when used appropriately, to channel any energy that might otherwise turn into negative thinking and use it for a good purpose.

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