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How Deception Can Deceive You

Addiction leads people to do a variety of things that they would never attempt to do during their sobriety. Drugs and alcohol are more apt to take individuals down a dark path that they thought would not ever happen to them in a million years. Drugs and alcohol lure a person into thinking that their effects will somehow be the factor that will take away all their problems. The truth is that drugs and alcohol become the bane of their existence creating a false sense of reality.

Takes away the ability to see the truth

Under the influence, you may think that you are more invincible than what you truly are. Substance abuse takes away inhibitions and filters that can screen the actuality of what your addiction entails. Addiction will rob you of your morality making you dishonest in ways that will baffle you.

Listening to that other voice

There is the illustration of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other side that can show you where your subconscious voice is situated. The devil usually portrays the evil addiction, while the angel represents the spiritual recovery aspect. If you are listening to the voice of your addiction, then most likely that voice is deceiving you to do things that are terrible for you.

Wipes out self-confidence

Addiction wants you to think that you are worthy of its presence in your life, but that you are worthless enough to live the life of addiction. With each passing day of substance abuse, pieces of your inner strength will continue to deplete. The only thing you will start connecting to is the drugs and alcohol which will pollute your mind, body, and soul to the point of degradation.

Lies to keep the truth from coming out

Most people struggling with addiction try to keep up the appearance that everything is going great. The untruth starts to become their skewed perception of the truth. Deceiving others becomes a full-time job. Once an individual starts to fabricate in different areas of their life, they must keep covering up what they are doing with everything else ongoing.

Someone living in the throes of addiction can really soak up the environment of deception. People tend to become what they surround themselves with. If someone is continuously living with deceit, they will most likely make deception the core principle during addiction leading them to regretful emotions and behavior.






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