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How Court Ordered Rehab Inspires Recovery

Is mandatory addiction treatment really helpful for people who are struggling with drugs or alcohol? It seems to be, since early intervention is a critical factor in addiction recovery. Every person involved in the criminal justice system, regardless of the charges he faces, should undergo thorough screening and assessment.

However, it is almost impossible to intervene unless the person is removed from the environment that brought him into conflict with the criminal justice system in the first place, i.e his neighborhood or his home. This is why rehab is so important.

There is a structure to rehab that the individual likely has not experienced in his life. For a rehab program to be successful, the person needs to feel that sense of structure. From the time he wakes up to bedtime, they are given a strict schedule to follow. He would have designated times for meals and recreation every day, and that provides him with the kind of stability he has been missing. A good rehab program will also help him structure his life outside of treatment.

Equally important is mental health treatment. A lot of those ordered to mandatory rehab suffer from co-occurring disorders, which need to be treated simultaneously for the results to really stick.

Programs based on behavioral therapy techniques tend to be successful. Rather than doling out punishments, the person is exposed to the reward system, where he is rewarded for doing well, instead of punished for doing something wrong. That is not to say that the teen will not suffer consequences for certain, extreme behaviors, which will not be tolerated. On the whole however, a reward system works much better and provides reinforcement for the teen.

It is important to remember that at a very basic level, many have not had even their most basic needs met at home. They have most likely not had access to regular food, schooling or even shelter, and a good rehab program will start by providing that first. The individual should know that this is a safe place for him to be. Socializing plays a critical role as well. Every adolescent needs to learn to socialize and how to behave in society without using drugs or alcohol. Rehab programs make sure to include events like field trips and movies for this kind of life skills and socialization training.

When he is finally out of rehab, it takes hard work on his part to keep on the road to recovery. This can be very difficult, because he may be back in an unsupportive environment again, with little or no structure. Having healthy hobbies really helps the teen outside of treatment, such as sports, art, or anything that fills his time and keeps her away from drugs and alcohol. The rehab program will help him develop some skills while still in treatment by having him do tasks like cooking or building something. He will almost always leave with some skills that can help them outside. It’s also important for those fresh out of treatment to maintain support group meetings and other aftercare essentials to maintain his commitment to the sober life.

Finally, as long as he is open to receiving the help and makes an effort to co-operate with the program and finish it, he will get some benefit from it.


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