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How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works for Addiction Treatment

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works

Aug 22, 2022 | Addiction

The addiction treatment process generally involves various types of therapies, but cognitive behavioral therapy CBT has become a cornerstone of modern substance abuse treatment at top addiction treatment centers around the country. A psychological treatment, cognitive behavioral treatment is an evidence-based therapy that’s been approved by the medical community in the treatment of substance use disorders as well as many forms of mental illness, including anxiety disorder, panic disorder, eating disorder, depression, and others.

Serenity Oaks Wellness Center offers many treatment strategies, including cognitivebehavioral therapies (i.e. dialectical behavior therapy, rational emotive therapy), in order to help individuals suffering from alcohol and drug addictions to manage their condition. Clients can expect to participate in cognitive behavior therapy inpatient rehab or outpatient programs. 

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What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a psychological treatment for many disorders, including substance use disorders. An effective form of behavioral therapy for addiction, cognitive behavior therapy helps clients identify the impulsive or ‘automatic’ thoughts, feelings, and actions that underscore their substance abuse problem. A person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are connected; CBT for substance abuse treatment helps clients understand these connections so they can develop the effective coping skills needed to manage them before they lead to drug or alcohol addiction relapse.

As an important clinical psychology therapy used to treat mental illness as well as alcohol and drug addiction treatment, it features largely in dual diagnosis treatment too. Someone, for example, who has a heroin addiction and anxiety disorder or cocaine addiction and bipolar disorder can benefit from cognitive therapy for cooccurring disorders.

What Happens During CBT for Addiction Treatment?

During cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction, therapists and clients explore the problematic thoughts, emotions, and actions that drive them to abuse drugs and alcohol. Addictive behaviors are compulsive behaviors; until a person can identify their compulsive behaviors and unhealthy thoughts, they’ll be unlikely to manage them. During treatment CBT for addictions, clients will get help identifying problematic automatic thoughts and develop strategies for managing them. 

Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Treating Addiction

Although there are many methods of treating addiction, cognitivebehavioral therapies remain at the forefront of medically sanctioned addiction therapy and dual diagnosis treatment in both the inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab settings. A key benefit of cognitivebehavioral therapy for substance addiction is that people learn how to improve their coping skills and manage their triggers to use alcohol and drugs. In that respect, CBT is an important relapse prevention strategy.

CBT drug addiction treatment helps clients learn how to avoid difficult situations or to face them with greater calm and confidence. Stress and negative emotions are often the harbingers of relapse. CBT treatment for substance abuse helps them learn to cope with stress and negative emotions in healthier ways so they can keep their recovery process moving forward.

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Serenity Oaks Can Help

Serenity Oaks offers CBT for substance abuse disorders and cooccurring disorders involving mental illnesses like post traumatic stress disorder or bipolar disorder. We also offer other therapy techniques that are related to CBT as well as holistic therapies. Our substance use disorder treatments include medicationassisted treatment, biofeedback therapy, motivational interviewing, family therapy, and more.

Our treatment programs include residential inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, and an alumni program. If you’re suffering from prescription drug addiction like opioid addiction, cocaine addiction, alcohol addiction, or other substance use disorders, you can enroll at our treatment facility to get the help you need. Cognitive behavioral therapy and other treatment for substance abuse can help you manage your addiction and achieve the recovery you crave. For more information, get in touch with us at (833) 720-0708.

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