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How Can I Tell if my Teenager Has a Problem with Substance Abuse?

How Can I Tell if my Teenager Has a Problem with Substance Abuse?

Jul 17, 2018 | Drug Addiction, QA

Denial to an addiction can sometimes seem much easier than having to face the truth of what is really going on with your teenager. With hormones on the rise and petulant attitudes, trying to understand what is going on with a teen can be rather difficult to assess. Some people have a sensitivity to drugs and alcohol that either they are born with or are more susceptible to developing a substance abuse disorder. Biological, social, and environmental factors can turn the most responsible teenager into someone that is unreliable due their addiction. Looking for certain addictive indicators that your adolescent may be exhibiting can reveal to you what they are up to when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

They will undergo a physical change

One of the first things that will happen during substance abuse is that your teen will transform their appearance and start looking unhealthy within their face and throughout their body. Drugs and alcohol can prevent someone from sleeping and eating which can weaken a normal healthful physique with long-term use. You should look for bloodshot eyes, extreme weight changes, deteriorated hygiene, frequent hangovers, unexplained bruising, or altered sleep patterns to point in the direction of substance abuse.

They will undergo an emotional change

Although your teen may get moodier or angrier when they use or drink, shifts in your teen’s personality and emotions is a huge red flag. Being withdrawn and isolated can be a telltale sign that something is amiss. Lethargy, anxiety, paranoia, demotivation, poor concentration, and dishonesty are things will show how your once happy-go-lucky teen has declined in their attitude.

They will undergo a social change

Your teen may have had good grades in school at one time. Now they have D’s and F’s on their report card because they have started skipping school. They tend to isolate much more and have less interest in hobbies, friends, or getting a job. What used to be a fun-loving kid is someone whose classmates, siblings, and coworkers tend to complain about with their odd behaviors.

If your teen is showing signs of drug and alcohol abuse, you should support them and get them the help they need. Teenagers who start using and drinking at an early age may have experienced abuse or trauma that could be the result that has them spiraling out of control with their substance abuse.

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