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How Brandon Novak Got Sober

How Brandon Novak Got Sober

Jun 4, 2018 | Addiction, Sobriety

When you think about the likes of Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, and Steve-O, you probably think to yourself what a bunch of jackasses. Fittingly so since they once starred on the MTV Jackass for two years, (2000-2002), together. The show chronicled their crazy and often dangerous pranks and stunts that led them into the limelight of fame. Another one of their crew was Brandon Novak who was a skater alongside Tony Hawk and Bam Margera. His skateboard was his comfort zone during his childhood and teens until drugs and alcohol took on that role later in life.

Brandon Novak made a name for himself at sixteen by skating for Powell-Peralta. By hanging out with Bam Margera, he became part of the Jackass crew that was known for their partying ways. His drinking and drug use got so out of control that he was eventually kicked off a tour that was headed to Australia with Bam and some of the other guys. He showed up to Bam’s house where Brandon was asked if he was sober which he replied with a dishonest, “Yes!” When he went to grab his cigarettes out of his pockets, $500 worth of heroin fell out onto the floor in front of Bam who banned him from the tour.

There was relief in Brandon that he did not have to go to Australia any longer and could focus on getting high. He retreated to mother’s house who said he could not stay there because Bam had notified her of the heroin that he was in possession of. She filed a restraining on him saying that she refused to love him to death. He was on probation and was supposed to give a mandatory drug test the next morning that he knew he was going to fail. During the next 24-hours he began to finally reach his bottom.

Thankfully his sponsor was instrumental in helping him get into a 90-day treatment facility that saved his life. He has now been sober for over 2 years and is telling his recovery story to whomever will listen. Brandon speaks at colleges, high school, and recovery platforms to reveal his cautionary tales to help others that may have a problem too. He has a graphic book that is coming out soon along with a documentary called “Where’s My Needle” that will debut at Sundance.

From jackass to someone that is in recovery and who lives to be of service, Brandon Novak has come a long way. His message is, “Your history doesn’t have to be your future. As long as you’re breathing it’s never too late.”

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