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5 Effective Holistic Therapies for Recovery

Nov 8, 2017 | Recovery, Wellness

Holistic treatments have been a healthy trend for many treatment programs in the last few decades. With holistic therapies, it has been proven to augment a person completely through their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being including addicts that are trying to maintain sobriety.

Addressing the underlying cause of the addiction that led an addict to exhibit destructive behaviors is the main focus of holistic therapy. If one of these parts of the person is out of balance, it can impact the way that the addict responds to substance abuse, triggers, and cravings. By treating the person as a whole through the mind, body, and soul, can be instrumental in achieving long-term recovery.




This age old Traditional Chinese Medicine works by stimulating the sensory nerves that lie under the skin and muscles. An ancient philosophy of the yin and yang represents the opposing powers between the universe and the body. This holistic technique can restore balance which is useful for better sleep patterns, improving digestive function, and pain management.




The health benefits that come from practicing yoga are innumerable. Connecting the mind, body, and soul becomes second nature with this holistic therapy. Research has shown that physiological, psychological, and spiritual growth can flourish through the therapeutic effects of Yoga.


Biochemical Restoration


The diet can play a factor with deficits that can cause stress, anxiety, cravings, and a shot at sustainable recovery. Eating foods that rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, healthy proteins, and antioxidants can fight off the symptoms that addiction produces such as depression and stress.




A session of Reiki uses the life force that flows through a person’s body as a form of healing. Reiki is administered by laying hands on an individual to create peace and well-being. This spiritual healing gets a person attuned with the mind, body, and soul.




This process can get a person to be able to influence their physiological functions at will by gaining understanding of these functions by using medical instruments that can show the person how to monitor within their body. Self-regulation can be useful for heart rate, muscle tension, and skin temperature, and blood pressure.


Equine Therapy


Interacting with horses can promote emotional growth. Horses behaviors are similar to human beings in their socialness and responsiveness making it easy for a person to connect to their horse especially since the horse can mirror the rider’s emotion.

Holistic therapies can be beneficial to help a person feel whole again. Here are Serenity Oaks Wellness Center our treatment is based off holistic therapy to aid in getting you or someone you love centered again. Our 5-week program can help you get the coping skills you need to stay sober.  Call us today: 844-720-6847

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