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Am I Going to be Held Accountable for Everything When I Get Sober?

Jan 1, 2018 | QA, Sobriety

Wreckage builds up during times of addiction. Possibly mounds of it depending on the magnitude of what transpires during those disparaging times. People do things that can be hurtful to those around them in various ways.

  • Being dishonest to get away with something.
  • Cheating on a loved one.
  • Destruction of property during carelessness of being under the influence.
  • Driving while intoxicated which can result in accidents, hit and runs, or even worse fatality.
  • Irrational behavior can lead to malicious outbursts from bad tempered effects of addiction.
  • Lying to cover anything that might put the addict in a bad light.
  • Not being present during important events at work, at home, or in personal matters.  
  • Taking for granted relationships that need to be nourished on a regular basis.
  • Theft resulting from addicts that are desperate to fulfill the monetary needs of their habit.

Many addicts get popped for some or all the crimes they commit. Police enforcement and the court system can be responsible for doling out jail time, probation, paying fines, community service, or even going to rehab and therapy.

Family members may hold interventions to show their bottom lines of having to deal with the transgressions that have made the family become dysfunctional and unhealthy. Going to rehab, attending 12-Step programs, therapy, and staying sober may be the arrangement that will have to be met to be able to participate in the family again.

Employers may have had the final straw with unprofessional actions that may have caused suspension or even termination. Getting back into their good graces may have led to rehab, therapy, or proof of 12-Step Meetings to show that going to any lengths to come back to work is possible.

The addiction is what makes people do terrible things. If these things continue to happen in sobriety, then the risk of being a terrible person is going to follow. Being held accountable to infractions that were committed during some the darkest times in life are up to the person that committed them. Some of these circumstances might have been gotten away with, but holding onto the guilt or shame of doing these harms is a dreadful way to live. One of the ways to keep these things from happening again is to make amends for all the circumstances that occurred. Being accountable personally and to others for the past, can set the present free.

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