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Having Fun Getting Active

Oct 26, 2017 | Recovery, Treatment

Getting active and having fun may be considered an oxymoron. We may show resistance going to the gym, running, or – perish the thought – doing tons of burpees because of the work it takes get through them. Lack of time is another dilemma that prevents people from getting physically active because of the busy lives we tend to lead today.

Enjoying the actual activities that get us physical can encourage us to do more exercise. Having fun may be the key to getting people to be more active. The thought process of “if it is fun, it must not be exercise” should be banished from our minds. There are so many activities that get our heart rates up that are just as good as the traditional workout of going to the gym to do cardiovascular exercise.

Become part of a team

There are many teams that can be joined. Try an adult softball or soccer team. Form a 5K team that donates money to charities. Spartan races and mud runs are also fun for many folks that participate in them. Becoming part of a team means we do not have to do it alone. Being accountable is a great way to show for fun and exercise.

Be of service

Volunteering our time to local community projects can keep us active. Help build a house for the homeless. Clean up local parks or beaches. Work in a soup kitchen to feed the less fortunate. These types of projects will keep us active while we get to be of service.

Go for a walk

Walking has been confirmed to improve health. Take a hike. Visit touristy spots in local towns that may not have be visited before. Take a break during work and take a lap around your building to break up the monotony of daily tasks.

Yoga online

For people that practice yoga, it has been shown to be relaxing and healthy. All we really need for yoga is a mat and our bodies. Finding yoga online can be an easy activity to do in the privacy of our own homes. Doyogawithme.com is a free website that includes a variety of videos to demonstrate yoga. There are also many free YouTube videos that can accommodate our needs with yoga.

Let’s dance!

Dancing is a great way to stay active while having fun doing it. Turn on some music and jam out. Have your own dance party and dance like nobody’s watching.

Having fun can be easily accomplished while getting active. Be creative because if physical activity equals fun, it may result in consistency along with enjoyable health benefits.

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