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Good Orderly Direction

Mar 30, 2018 | Recovery, Sobriety

When you read “Good Orderly Direction”, you may not realize that it is an acronym that is used in 12-Step programs for the word, God. While God may still be something that is uncomfortable for you to feel or to say, using an acronym may make it easier to represent what a Higher Power is supposed to entail.

It is not uncommon for someone who is getting sober to use the people in their meetings as a Higher Power. Unbeknownst to them, the members of their meetings have been successful in helping them to stay sober by encouraging them to do what they do. This is blind faith during an uncertain time in their recovery which makes total sense to use another acronym for God, a Group of Drunks or a Group of Drug addicts, as their point of reference on how to seek a Higher Power.

While that G-word may throw you for a loop, the suggestion of using a Higher Power in recovery can be a difficult task for self-proclaimed agnostics or atheists. Using acronyms is a great way for newcomers and persons struggling with a Higher Power to get through the steps with a sponsor. You only need a mustard seed of faith to start believing that there might be something bigger out there that can assist you in making the changes that you need to stay sober. That is it. You do not need to be a scholarly theologist or super religious to find the faith you need in your own personal conception of a Higher Power.

Taking Good Orderly Direction or believing in a Group of Drunks or Drug addicts, can make a difference in your perception in life. Taking direction from a 12-Step program or the group. can show you how to be a noble and worthy spiritual person. This lifestyle is not always easy, but with the help of a Higher Power, you do not have to be in total domination of all that transpires in life. What a relief that is to be able to go with the flow of your Higher Power and the group.

Your Higher Power is not a genie that makes things happen on dime. Everything that happens really does happen for a reason because when you are trying to do the right thing in sobriety, there is no doubt that humility will become prevalent in you when you are taking Good Orderly Direction.

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