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Getting Through Your First New Social Interactions Sober

Oct 18, 2017 | Relationships, Sobriety

Addiction and anxiety often occur together. When anxiety comes up, it is natural for an addict to pick up a drug to relieve themselves of the stress they are feeling. To remain sober, you will have to find another set of tools to rely on other than drugs or alcohol because self-medicating should no longer be a valid choice.

What they do not know, will not hurt them.

You may think that people can see right through you and know what you did when you were using or drinking. Shame and guilt of the past may make you feel overly anxious keeping you introverted. Unless these people actually saw your former actions, they have no idea what you have done. There will be a time and place to reveal your story if and when you are ready, but that is for you decide. You do not have to disclose any information to anyone you do not trust. Use your therapist or sponsor to talk to about your private affairs. If you are truly being judged or gossiped about, then it might just be time to find new friends.

Stick with your own peeps.

If you feel uncomfortable around new or even old friends, then just stick to the people you feel comfortable with and do what they do. Hopefully this will be a temporary solution and when you become more grounded in your sobriety, you can open to a broader audience. Let people, that make you feel relaxed in their presence, love you until you can love yourself.

Practice makes potential.

You are not required to talk to everyone you encounter, but the more support you latch onto, the more insurance you are putting towards your sobriety. Try out a 12-Step program and find people that you easily relate to. If you start with having some accountability to someone such as a sponsor, the less likely you are to isolate. Let them lead you into easy conversations so that you get used to talking with people. Practicing may seem silly, but practicing works.

This conversation is just awkward.

Being stripped of your super powers that come from being intoxicated, may leave you feeling plain awkward when conversing with people. Along with practicing having conversations, you can also practice thinking about what you will say to people when they ask you questions about things that you are not ready to acknowledge yet. If you come up with some answers beforehand, you can have the ability to shut down the dialogue if necessary.

Getting through your first social interactions can be easy breezy even without being “loosened up” with drugs or alcohol. Learning how to enjoy chitchatting with your friends while being present in the moment can be a gift of sobriety.

You deserve to be ADORNED in your recovery. Life skills, coping tools, education, holistic healing, and a sober support system will help you gain long term sobriety. Serenity Oaks Wellness Center offers a comprehensive treatment program for recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Call us today for information: 844-720-6847

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