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Why Friends are Important in Sobriety

Why Friends are Important in Sobriety

Aug 27, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, Sobriety

Words cannot even describe how lonely an addiction can become. Addictions are progressive and secretive in nature which will make you push someone away who you think may hamper your abilities to get drunk or high. Eventually, you may find yourself hanging out with your drug of choice and nothing else which is how your addiction wants you to be. You were not meant to be forsaken. You were meant to have this colorful life in recovery that allows you some friends and loved ones who get you.

If you are new in recovery, learning how to navigate through life without having the effects of drugs and alcohol can be difficult. You are used to being alone and even the friendliest people can find themselves more introverted than they have ever been. Feeling judged by your friends and loved ones through your past actions is usually just self-imposed through shame and guilt. Finding the people who are supportive and with who you get along with is not always easy. Everyone has their own personalities and beliefs which can get in the way of how relationships work.  

Your best bet is to search for a few people who get your drift and are sober too. People to laugh with, people to cry with, and people to grow with. By having a host of friends, you can flourish in your recovery by not feeling alone any longer.

Go to meetings

Not drinking and using during meetings is a given although when you do not have your support system outside of the meeting, you may start having cravings and triggers. Finding like-minded people in your 12-Step program can help you to not only get connected with others during your meeting but help you to fellowship after the meetings when you may feel lonesome.

Get some interests

Find the activities, other than drugs and alcohol, that you enjoy and start a conversation with people that interest you. You can find out really quickly if they will be a match for the type of sober friend you are looking for. Since you will come together because you have the passion for the same activity, you can use that as the motivating factor for your friendship and build on top of that.

Find your ever-evolving tribe and stay affiliated so that they can come to understand you and your sobriety. Gaining some new friends and maintaining old ones can be the very thing that helps you feel part of the group again.  

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