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Best Qualifications in Finding a Sponsor

Jan 3, 2018 | Recovery, Treatment

Going to 12-Step programs, such as AA, NA, OA, CoDA, or CA, usually results with the same recommendation – to find a sponsor. You may need a sponsor that displays tough love, or you may need a gentle touch of encouragement to get to a place of being willing to change. Qualifications for sponsors vary from person to person, but some


Somebody who is trustworthy in the essence of anonymity.


You probably came into sobriety with a ton of shame and guilt that you may not be ready to share with others. Getting support while feeling comfortable telling someone about your harrowing past is essential in picking a sponsor. A good sponsor will keep your information private and will show you that you can trust them.


Someone who really knows what they are talking about.


Finding someone that has a good understanding of the steps and a real solution is crucial in understanding the meaning of recovery. One of a sponsor’s duties should be to walk you through the steps with the knowledge they gained by working with their sponsor, not just through osmosis.


Someone who can walk the walk.


There are many people that can talk about what you are supposed to do in the program, but finding someone that works on themselves and expects you to do the same is important. You probably do not like be told what to do (because who does), but if someone suggested that you do something and were not doing it themselves, it may be very hard to follow their instructions


Someone that is on the same ground as you.


Everyone in the world “puts their pants on one leg at a time” and so does your sponsor. Sobriety time is still one day at time and does not mean that anybody is better than anyone else in recovery. There is no pedestal where unity prevails.


Someone who has a sincere desire to be of service to you.


Most people come to a program with problems and need of help. Once help is received, it should be given back when possible. A sponsor should be a shining example of what you wish to give back to others.

Take your time finding somebody that you connect with. A good logical strategy to have when choosing a sponsor is to find somebody that has what you want spiritually, mentally, and with a service attitude of gratitude.

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