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Facing Stigma Amidst Shame: Demi Lovato’s Fight Against Addiction

Facing Stigma Amidst Shame: Demi Lovato’s Fight Against Addiction

Sep 6, 2018 | Addiction, Rehab

The news about Demi Lovato came out that she was hospitalized from an overdose recently, which seemed to shock friends and fans of her work. The support she was offered was a sight to behold, given the hidden stigma and shame many face, especially in the public eye. Demi Lovato’s case is not unique in that she is the only one who struggles with addiction, stigma, and shame. This is a fight everyone faces at some point in their journey, it is a matter of how best to deal with it that makes the difference.

Addiction Stigma

Society has portrayed people who are not celebrities with addiction as those who cannot seem to get their act together, fix themselves, or get disciplined enough to move forward with their lives. This unforgiving, unflattering portrait of humanity doesn’t even glimpse at all the nuances involved in how addiction starts, continues, or is ultimately treated. The reality is that relapses are often part of the process, even for those who speak up about recovery and are vocal about the challenges they face. When someone celebrates recovery, it doesn’t mean they will never have a setback. In fact, many people have setbacks, celebrities or not. The stigma people face is not confined to whether they are a celebrity or not, we are just simply more shocked, it seems, when it actually hits someone whom we held up to a higher standard on a pedestal.

Sharing the Struggle

Demi Lovato has been very open about sharing her struggles with addiction, eating disorders, and bipolar disorder. Through interviews and social media accounts, Lovato never hid from her past and present challenges. She spoke up proudly as a mental health advocate and about how her music helped others struggling with similar issues. Lovato’s openness in sharing the fight was at the center of her life, it seemed, even as she was on the Disney Channel upon entering rehab the first time. With all the pressures and expectations hse shouldered, she should have wanted more privacy. It was her own personal struggles that compelled her to share the challenges widely, so her fans and friends could face it with her together. Our culture is not always good at sharing the struggles. It is easier to share victories than challenges, taking more good than the bad.

A Time to Heal

When we see someone like Demi Lovato struggle with addiction or mental health issues, we realize our humanness far expands past our little life into the greater, wider world. We are not alone out there, fighting against this in the dark. Our battle is unique to us, but we are in it together. Whether it is addiction or mental health issues, a wealthy celebrity, or in your own home, the struggles all end in the same place: rehab and recovery. Getting to a place where we understand that we all suffer alongside one another can provide empathy and understanding for the mutual journey, as well as embolden friends and allies to rally around and support us through the struggles, just like Demi Lovato is finding out today.

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