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Eating Disorders During the Holidays

Dec 7, 2017 | Mental Health, Treatment

The Holidays are usually associated with copious amounts of food that can serve as traditions for many families. For someone who has a preoccupation with food and weight matters, this can be perceived as a stressful experience that may take away from the conviviality that the holidays are intended for. Along with the stressors of food and weight gain, being around family and having an overabundance of commitments during the holidays, can make you overlook your own essential needs to compensate and make sure others are taken care of first. One of the best things you can do to take care of yourself is to plan ahead for the holidays.

  • Get together a meal plan beforehand and be motivated to stick to it.
  • If you are travelling, figure out where the nearest grocery store is before you get there, to shop for the healthy food you will need. Pack healthy snacks for your trip to keep you into your daily routine as much as possible.
  • Talk to your therapist and treatment team to come up with a prevention plan for the holidays, as well as for going forward, that may help you curb the feelings and cravings associated with your eating disorder.
  • Do not wait to eat to use all your calories for the “big meal”. Eat your meals in line with your normal routine to advert exacerbating your eating disorder.
  • Be confident in setting boundaries with people that make you uncomfortable and do not understand your situation.
  • Continue to participate in your support groups or get affiliated with one that you feel at ease with. Being part of a 12-step program, church support group, or a codependency support group, will make a big difference for sufferers of eating disorders. Going to a meeting before your holiday get-together can get you in the right frame of mind to help you pull through tough times.
  • Have a plan of action ready for when you start feeling distressed. Gather a list of people that you can call when you get into a pinch. Know what your exit strategy will be if you need to leave somewhere that has triggers for you. Putting together all that information before you go will give you the initiative you need to protect yourself.


Doing things that are directly related to your recovery can help alleviate the stress that just seems to come naturally with all that the holidays entail. Take care of yourself so that you can simply enjoy them.

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