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Drug Slang: How to Know if Your Teenager is Using

Teenagers are synonymous for trying to pull the wool over their parent’s eyes to get away with something. In this day and age of technology, teenagers have come up with their own language to be able to text and email their friends to communicate drug slang without their parents knowing any difference. Even with parental supervision to where parents can read their text messages and emails, parents can be clueless to the ever-changing secret jargon that teens use to disguise what is really going on.

Looking at teen’s messages to see any discrepancies in the text, can be an indication that the teen is up to something. Most of the language they use looks harmless, but look for weird phrasing in sentences, repetition of certain words, or anything that just looks unusual. Seeing phrases that do not make any sense does not necessarily mean that the teen is on drugs, but exploring more into the situation to be certain is the best bet.

Parents should educate themselves on whatever terminology is being used today, although it can be hard to keep up. Using online slang decoders and logging into urbandictionary.com, can help parents keep up with the latest drug slang and trends. Aside from learning the vocabulary that teens use for drugs, parents would be more successful at interpreting what their teens are talking by enlightening themselves on the different drugs that are out there today.

Drug Slang Basics




Charlie coke, nose candy, powder, toot, snow, white




420, blunt, chronic, grass, green, Mary Jane, pot, tea, trees, weed


Cough Medicine


candy, dex, robo, skittles, tussin, vitamin D




breakfast cereal, horse tranquilizer k, ket, special K, vitamin K




Adam, clarity, ecstasy, e, essence, lover’s speed, Stacy, x, xtc




anti-freeze, brown sugar, H, horse, junk, poison, smack




crank, chalk, fire, glass, ice, speed

Since teen slang evolves into different slang all the time, it is important to stay up to date with the latest craze. By noticing red flags in teen’s behaviors and communication, protecting innocent teenagers from making a big mistake can be the thing that saves them.

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