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What is a Drug Detox Kit?

What is a Drug Detox Kit?

Jul 19, 2018 | QA, Recovery

People who need to pass drug tests may resort to the use of a drug detox kit. Someone who is trying to stay out of jail or trying to keep their job with proof that they have no drugs in their system may turn the likes of a one of these kits. If drugs have been present in the blood, an individual may need help detoxing the drugs as quick as possible to get them to pass the drug test they are taking.

A drug detox kit usually consists of a drink, a pill, or both that works to boost the metabolism or dilute the urine to reduce the signs of drugs. By using the “cleanses” or “total body detox”, these kits claim to take drugs out of the system quicker starting anywhere from an hour in a half to a week. Of course, whether these detox kits work is dependent on which drug is needed to be rid of. THC can stay in a person’s system for up to 12 weeks which can make someone test positive and face unwanted consequences.

Using these kits are thought to be the easy way of drug testing. One of the problems that is faced with putting these drugs into action is being caught. Drug tests are more sophisticated these days to detect more drugs in the system and foul play. Heroin, for example, shows up in the urine as a 6-MAM. This metabolite can be detected for around 24 hours after heroin use and can be destroyed by an adulterant, such as an oxidant included in a drug detox drink or pill. Today’s drugs tests are competent enough to acknowledge that an adulterant is being used to mask a drug. If an adulterant is discovered, some labs can conduct further testing to remove the adulterant and reveal which drug is trying to be covered up in attempt to pass the drug test.

The problem with drug detox kits is that they are not helpful to someone who should stop using drugs and alcohol altogether. Withdrawal management is not included with the use of drug detox kits, so for some people this could be an unsafe choice. Someone who has a history of heavy and long-term abuse of drugs should rely on a medically supervised detoxification process instead of a kit that is used to merely pass a drug test.

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