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Does Art Therapy Help with Anxiety?

Does Art Therapy Help with Anxiety?

Jun 19, 2018 | QA, Treatment

Self-expression is an important part of how a person develops their character, navigates their daily life, and connects with others around them. One of the ways that people have commonly expressed themselves is through their art. Using art as a therapeutic means of self-expression has been shown to make some headway in reducing the anxiety that one feels regularly. By looking into the inner blocks and misgivings that they have carried with them can help take away the insecurities, fears, and judgmental beliefs that tend to hold a person back from their full potential.     

Feeling nervous or feeling ill equipped to handle difficult circumstances can certainly increase the anxiety level within a person. One of the normal go-to coping mechanisms to relieve anxiety is through self-medication. Using drugs and alcohol to alleviate anxiety may seem like the easiest way to get through the uncomfortableness and torment that anxiety poses, but most of the time that only exacerbates anxiety even further. Substance abuse suppresses the feelings that come from anxiety by keeping them at bay to only resurface negatively in other areas at an inopportune time.

One of the ways that anxiety has been successfully dealt with is through art therapy. Using art therapy can help a person to gain insight and understanding of what their anxiety really entails instead of continuing to suffer from the adverse effects that anxiety causes. Most of the time, someone with anxiety cannot express why they have anxiety or where the anxiety came from.  Art therapy gives an individual a creative outlook to tap into an inner resource that may give them the answers they are looking for.

An individual that uses art therapy does not necessarily have to have artistic abilities at all. The process of art therapy is merely to channel the anxiety, and have it come out through drawing, coloring, sculpting, collaging, cooking, sewing, floral designing, or photography. Since art is a sensory activity, divulging the feelings that go along with the emotions that are expressed is what is therapeutic.

The method of art therapy can be instrumental in getting rid of the anxiety that haunts a person daily. With any type of emotional distress, having an outlet such as art therapy to dispose of their negative feelings, can give a them the sense of relief they are looking for without having to use drugs or alcohol to deal with the tension.

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