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Do Meeting Makers Make It?

Jan 8, 2018 | QA, Treatment

Whether you are new in recovery or coming back, generally the first part of the equation is getting to a 12-Step meeting. Meetings can be intimidating at first but if you come in, enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and open your ears to hear some solution, you will probably find some comfort if you want it.

While attending a meeting you will hear different types of recovery information. You will hear some people spout things from the literature pieces that are provided. Maybe you will become aware of useful details in people’s strategies to staying sober. Obtaining the nuggets of suggestions of how other addicts are going to any lengths for sobriety, can be a source in finding peace of mind for you.

Catch phrases usually jump out at people because they might sound so cliché and you may wonder if there is any validity to them. One of the slogans that might be exclaimed during a meeting is “Meeting makers make it!” You might hear it and think to yourself, “All I have to do is go to a meeting to stay sober?” Meetings are certainly an important piece of sobriety, but what really works is getting into recovery.

In Alcoholics Anonymous, their logo is a circle with a triangle in it. The circle represents the whole world of AA while each of the triangle’s sides stand for Unity, Service, and Recovery. The logo in its entirety can be the complete equation to keep you sober. If you are just attending meetings, but not working the program then there is a possibility you are not going to make it long-term. Without all the sides of the triangle being upheld, sobriety will suffer. Going to meetings shows Unity and Service, but without working the steps, you have no Recovery. With this theory, meeting makers will not make it.

Recovery entails having spirituality in your life. Without building your spiritual side, you fall flat of having the life you were meant to live in recovery. Meetings are great, but they will not keep you sober. The point is to get the support you are intended to have and become a part of some wonderful fellowship, but find a sponsor and work the steps to do something to enlarge your spiritual life that will help to achieve sobriety for the long haul

You should make meetings to relate to your peers, but relying on that alone to keep you sober may be a mistake. Get involved in recovery, so you have a complete triangle to better improve your chances to make it.

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