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Do I Need to Go to Meetings When I Go Out of Town?

Feb 12, 2018 | QA

Just because you got sober does not mean that you must stay home forever. There may be a time where you will have to go outside your recovery bubble and travel somewhere else for work or leisure. Although you already have your schedule set in place, once you go on your trip, you must figure out a traveling schedule for your recovery. Many people fall out of their recovery routine when they travel, but that does not have to be the case. To somewhat save your normal recovery groove, you will just need to plan ahead.    

The great thing about 12-Step programs is that most of them conduct meetings nationally and internationally, so that you can stay sober wherever you go. You had to decide if you were willing to go to any lengths to stay sober, and if you said yes, then that means you should probably go to meetings while you are out of town as well as resume your daily recovery step work.

Call up the central office in the city that you are visiting to figure out the time, the location, and the type of meetings that they offer to see if it fits into your schedule. You should also check for an online schedule for many locations around the globe. It is such a good feeling to travel miles away to see that the 12-Step program still runs itself in the same manner due to the Traditions that keep the program in place abroad. You will hear people share the same program colloquialisms and prayers that can make you feel like you are exactly where you supposed to be.

If you are unable to attend meetings in the capacity that you had hoped for, do not let that discourage you to keep on track in your recovery. You can get together a call list to “meet” with other addicts or alcoholics over the phone. Use FaceTime to be “face to face” with people that help you to feel confident in your sobriety. Other tools that can help, is to pack a few recovery books so you can have a morning devotion with your Higher Power. With your books in tow, you can read your daily readings before you go to bed and thank your Higher Power for another day of sobriety.

Wherever you are, your recovery should follow. When you are out of town, it is probably not a good idea to take a vacation from your recovery. Incorporating recovery into your daily life should be your goal no matter where you are. Finding new meetings and new sober friends can help you on your journey to stay sober one day at a time





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