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Do I Need Anger Management in Rehab?

Do I Need Anger Management in Rehab?

Aug 15, 2018 | QA, Rehab

Someone that abuses drugs and alcohol are typically trying to escape emotions, such as anger, to get through life much easier. What usually happens is that someone who has a substance abuse disorder tends to get overly emotional under the influence and may express anger in an uncontrollable manner. There seems to be an underlying rage that can be magnified when drugs and alcohol are put into the mix. Negative consequences may begin to loom from addiction and anger, and without properly treating both, one may trigger the other causing them both to resurface.

Anger will not automatically subside just because the substances are taken away. Typically, the recovery process creates hostility and rebellion with withdrawal and making a person grieve the loss of drugs and alcohol. Abstinence can actually exacerbate anger and someone with anger issues can go off the chain to make things much worse.

When a person attends a rehabilitation facility to receive help to maintain long-term sobriety from drugs and alcohol, they must get down to the root cause of their addiction. When anger is prevalent and the cause to many of the problems that are created during addiction, anger management is crucial to develop as a part of someone’s recovery. Treatment centers have therapy in group and individual settings while frequently offering holistic therapies that can be instrumental in alleviating deep-rooted anger.

Recovering from addiction means that an individual will have to make surmountable changes which will include anger management for people who also need help to regulate their temper. Learning to curb their exasperations starts with recognizing the triggers of their anger and stop automatically responding without thinking. Although anger is their first form of communication, they can learn an entirely new way to communicate that does not involve threats, inappropriate gestures, yelling, or violence.

If anger continues to ensure even after they have gotten sober, relapse could be something that happens when a person needs to cope with feelings of fury that become just as unmanageable as the addiction. Using relaxations methods along with the therapies that are presented, can help a person who is suffering get to a resolution before blowing up, taking a drink, or using a drug to manage anger.

An individual who needs to work on their addiction along with anger, should seek out a treatment center that can clear up the issues that surround both. Taking care of anger and substance abuse at the same time will give an individual who is seeking help for both a better chance at a sober and sane lifestyle for the long haul.

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