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How Do I Differentiate My Wants from My Needs?

Mar 12, 2018 | Mental Health, QA

Commonly we all want the things that we want when we want them. Especially when we are under the spell of our addictions, the addiction will tell us to do whatever it takes to get whatever we need to feel that high. Even when we get sober, it can be hard to differentiate our wants from our needs because a life of addiction is usually one that consists of selfishness and self-centeredness. Since we have lived in a life of being self-absorbed, it can take some work on our part to figure out the true essentials to aim for once again.

The only real necessities in life are the things that complete our mental, physical, and spiritual needs. Our needs are comprised of air, food, water, shelter, companionship, clothing, and conditions of this nature. Things that are of material value or things that can make us feel better amongst our peers are not defined as our true needs. Figuring out the distinction between the two can be clarified by asking a few simple questions.


  • Is it imperative that I have it?


Considering our survival senses to learn whether this is a good choice, is something significant to look for.


  • What would happen if I did not have it?


Understanding what our life would be without whatever item or circumstance has come up, is a great way to see how life or death it would actually be.


  • Do I need this for my recovery?


Some of the things that we want are the things that can truly affect our sobriety. If it does not fall into the category of staying sober, then staying away from it is best.


  • What is its longevity?


There are many times that we want something that is merely fleeting to make us feel good in the moment. We should stick to our needs that will help us to stay healthy for sober longevity.

One of the easiest ways to distinguish between wants versus needs is when we start to lose sight of our purpose which is to live a fruitful life in recovery. When we start to regain the things that we lost when we were out there running amuck in our addiction, we can take for granted how bad it really got for us when we reached our bottom. The saying goes, “Do not let the gifts of sobriety take you out of sobriety”. If you are sticking to your fundamental needs, however, you cannot go wrong.

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