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Coping Methods When Dealing with an Alcoholic

Dec 21, 2017 | Alcohol Addiction, Sobriety

Having a loved one who is addicted to alcohol can be tough for anyone to endure. The fights, the anger, the irresponsibility, the disregard, and the pure selfishness that is displayed by the alcoholic can be a lot to handle. The alcoholic’s behavior can be responsible for causing fear in their loved ones. The safety of the family and friends, as well of the alcoholic, can be jeopardized by their alcohol abuse in a variety of different ways.

People close to a loved one struggling with alcoholism can get frustrated by their substance abuse. By enabling alcoholic behavior family members may try to take responsibility for the problems that are caused by the loved one with alcoholism.  Family members might get resentful when their loved one with alcoholism will not stay sober and must witness yet another relapse. To keep the alcoholism at bay, they may cover up the problems that are directly related to their addiction so that no one will find out.  This kind of behavior can hinder their loved one from realizing the extent of their crapulence.

Coping methods to deal with an alcoholic are important to ponder upon. Without learning them, the loved one of an alcoholic can warrant their addiction in an unhealthy manner that can heighten their symptoms even more. Instead of accepting their alcoholic behaviors, using a few tools can help to guide them through their troublesome conduct.

Have the conversation.

Talk to your loved one in a kind and loving way to let them know that you can support them getting sober, but you are done enabling them. You may have to practice what you are going to say to stay on point and to not make them feel ashamed of their actions.

Help is on the way.

Getting help for alcoholism is important to show them a better way to live. You alone may not be able to set them straight. There is a ton of support out there for you to take. Consider therapy, 12-Step programs, or even a interventionalist to get the support you need to be able to support them.

Change is inevitable.

If you want change, you will have to implement a few changes into your own life. Holding up your boundaries is the best thing you can do for an alcoholic who needs to get and stay sober. If your family stays in the same place nothing will ever change and the same pain, abuse, and fear will remain intact.

Be honest and keep it simple to get the alcoholic the help that they need. Stay focused on the problem and be committed to the truth.

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