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3 Tips to Connect to a Higher Power

Dec 26, 2017 | Mental Health, Recovery

Spirituality is a concept that can mean different things to different people. The concept of spirituality is one of a personal choice and not necessary one of a religious connotation like many people think. The main idea of spirituality has to do with one’s own perspective of what it means to them and trying to connect to what that idea is.

God, a Higher Power, or some sort of divine deity is put into place to give someone their own personal definition of what their spiritual being entails. By having faith in something that is vast in its makeup, can bring brilliance for the benefit of the one’s well-being and guidance. Connecting to a Higher Power may seem easier for some, but is doable for everyone by following a few simple tips.


Enjoy the silence


The world that you live in is a loud place and your head may be even louder. Getting your head to be still for any amount of time can be quite the task for many people. Silence can be achieved differently depending on who you are. Mental silence is connecting to your Higher Power which may take some practice. You may have to start with a one-minute timer to train yourself to gradually move up to more time.


Sweet surrender


Finding the qualities that you want in a higher being can help you to surrender to one. By acquainting yourself to a Higher Power, you will be given the ability to take the qualities that the Higher Power possess and implement them to benefit your life.


Thy zeal be done


Having the willingness and enthusiasm to connect to a Higher Power can be miniscule at first. Any bit of zeal that you can muster up counts. Since there may be no tangibility with your Higher Power, it may seem like you are reaching to a nonentity. The age-old saying “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” will work remarkably here. Keep attempting to connect because whatever your Higher Power is, it is waiting for you to mingle with them.

The subject of a Higher Power can be touchy for some, but it does not have to be. A Higher Power is not trying to control your every move or punish you. The point is to have something that can help heal you and guide into the direction of radiating love and light.

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