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8 Common Addictions

The way that people handle pain and stress can be different for everyone. You may not like feeling the negative effects that pain and stress bring about. Instead of facing the adversity head on, the easier, softer way to deal is by letting your addiction win. There are many things that people can consider an addiction, but the true medical terminology describes addiction as a compulsive, chronic disorder in which an addict needs help to stop by changing the functionality of the brain. Let us look at some common addictions to see what they entail.




Beer, wine, and spirits are socially accepted in our society, but somebody that cannot stop drinking after taking the first drink can be defined as an alcoholic.




This category is very broad. There are prescription, illicit, illegal, or legal drugs. Addiction becomes prevalent when somebody does not use drugs how they are prescribed or used to only get high.




Although nicotine products are legal and easy to obtain, they take over 450,000 lives a year. Cigarette smoking takes more lives than any other addiction due to side effects for the people who smoke and the innocent bystanders that take in second hand smoke.




Making a living is a necessity to many people in our country. The problem of the workaholic usually stems from pride and greed which make them work harder and harder to achieve a better work status.




Exercise is a great way to be healthy physically, but people that continue to exercise amid injury or other problems can become addicted to the act of exercise due to excessive control issues.




People must eat, but people become so concerned with food that an addiction will completely overtake them to no matter how hard they fight it.




There a few ways to gamble inside and outside of the casino. The rush of winning is something that an addict cannot seem to get enough of.




Someone is addicted to sex when they use sex as a ritual or are ashamed due to the sexual acts that they are performing.

For you to take back your life from one of these addictions, you must get educated on what each addiction does for the addict. Knowledge is power and an addiction is powerful. Take the power away by stockpiling information to better yourself with brainpower instead causing harm to yourself any longer.

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