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Clearwater Alcohol Treatment Center

Clearwater Alcohol Treatment Center

Aug 4, 2022 | Alcohol Addiction

Signs You May Need Alcohol Treatment

There are many signs a person may be an alcohol abuser who would benefit from alcohol addiction recovery programs, like:

  • Most of your social activities involve drinking
  • You cannot get through the day without having a drink
  • You hide how much you drink
  • You feel withdrawal symptoms in the morning or when you try to stop drinking
  • You have cravings for alcohol
  • You continue to drink even when it causes serious health issues, relationship problems, or otherwise negatively affects your life

If this list sounds like you, you may want to think about looking into speaking with a drug and alcohol rehab recovery center. Even if you cannot enter inpatient rehabilitation for residential treatment, there are outpatient treatments like a partial hospitalization plan or an intensive outpatient program to look at. Not all substance abusers are the same, so there are different levels of care within treatment programs that are customizable to provide individualized treatment in Clearwater FL that will work for you.

What Is Alcohol Treatment Like?

When you come to Serenity Oaks for alcohol detox and rehab in Clearwater FL, you will live inside our safe and sober inpatient rehab center during inpatient treatment, usually for 30 to 90 days. In an outpatient program you will live at home or in a sober living home and come in for your treatments. At Serenity Oaks treatment facility, we offer programs like:

  • Drug or alcohol medical detox programs with longer-term medication-assisted treatments if needed
  • Dual diagnosis plans for those with a co-occurring disorder like anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, or an eating disorder
  • Behavior health therapy and other evidence-based types of treatment and recovery programs
  • Individual, group, and family therapy and drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs
  • Relapse prevention training, life skills programs, and education
  • Alternative and holistic treatments like meditation, yoga, and acupuncture
  • An aftercare plan that will keep you connected to resources, care, and support for as long as you need

Click here to speak with Serenity Oaks staff at any time. We’re available 24/7 to provide answers and begin the admissions process right away. Call (833) 720-0708 today.

How to Help a Loved One Get Alcohol Treatment

It may be difficult to approach a loved one who is struggling with addiction to suggest they go to alcohol rehab. Sometimes a simple conversation may lead them in the right direction, but addiction can overpower even those with the best intentions, so a focused approach using “I” statements instead of blame or shame, sometimes in a formal intervention, may be best.

Before you bring up the topic of a rehab program, it may be a good idea to research addiction treatment facilities in your area and know what types of boundaries you are willing to enforce with your loved one if they refuse to get help. This may include denying them access to financial support or breaking contact completely, depending on your relationship and your situation. You are there to help them, and stopping the enablement is part of that process, even if it is challenging.

What is the Least Restrictive Type of Alcohol Treatment?

Outpatient programs in Clearwater FL are much more flexible than inpatient treatment, as you can live at home while you get the substance abuse treatment you need. An intensive outpatient treatment plan can work around your work, school, and home life, and will usually offer programming in the evenings or in the mornings.

At Serenity Oaks alcohol and drug rehab center, we have an intensive outpatient rehab that provides individualized treatment like behavioral therapy, groups, and relapse prevention once or twice a week. We will work with you to create a plan for each patient with individual therapies that will help them on their unique recovery journeys.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Alcohol Addiction?

Everybody is different. Of course, if your loved one is suffering from addiction you wish their recovery to be quick and easy, but the truth is that it can take a long time, likely years, and may involve several returns to rehab and hundreds of therapy appointments, meetings, groups, and other treatment programs and support groups. Addiction is not an easy thing to overcome, and although it can be managed it never truly goes away. The best you can do is continue to support and be there for them, provide encouragement, and direct them to professional care if times become too difficult for them to handle on their own.

At Serenity Oaks alcohol and drug rehab center, our non-judgmental staff is here for you throughout your individualized addiction treatments and beyond. Along with addiction treatment, we provide connections to sober living homes, SMART recovery, and 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, peer groups, and our alumni network, filled with people who understand what you are going through.  

Along with the Clearwater Florida area, we also serve Pompano Beach, Hyde Park, North Port, Palm Coast, Panama City, Pinellas County, Boca Raton, Plant City, Cape Coral and West Palm Beach. If you have questions regarding alcoholism treatment and addiction recovery, or if you would like to learn more about our levels of care, our rehabilitation programs and how we can help you or your loved one, call us today at (833) 720-0708. We can help you figure out your next step.

Get Started at Serenity Oaks

At Serenity Oaks Wellness Center, we offer residential detox and addiction treatment with a wide range of modalities to address the needs of all our clients. Our high staff-to-client ratio ensures everyone that enters our facility gets the personal attention they need and deserve for a safe and successful detox process. To learn more about our program, contact Serenity Oaks Wellness Center today at 844-720-6847.
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