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Change Up Your Fridays

Change Up Your Fridays

Oct 11, 2018 | Addiction, Lifestyle

In recovery, whether you’re retired or working, Fridays can be a trigger for partying and euphoric recall of the fun you thought you had from drinking alcohol. Employees of companies and corporations may have regular after work beer parties. It’s a time to hang out with colleagues and slough off the stress of the work week. When you are new to recovery, these get togethers can taunt you. Should I go? Will my fellow workers notice I’m not imbibing, and encourage me to have a beer. If I don’t go, will I seem like a fuddy duddy?

It’s human nature not to want to feel left out, either by exclusion or your own choice. By not attending you might think you will miss out on some vital information about the company, but consider your comfort level if you go. Think about the men and women who don’t attend because they have family obligations or just aren’t into the social scene. Base your decision on what’s best for your continuing recovery.

You can change up your Fridays by learning not to cater to the crowd. The fact is you don’t have to go, and most important, you don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why. Work is a place to earn money to support yourself. It can also promote feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction, but you don’t need to go along with the crowd. Remember when alcohol controlled your entire life? Think clearly about the consequences of hanging out with colleagues, or anyone for that matter, who drinks. Ask how this will serve your recovery.

It takes time to stand on your own without the crutch of alcohol by your side. Recovery is a process. You may not like the idea of going home on Friday afternoon because you are lonely. Recovery is about facing yourself and making favorable and positive decisions. Why not go to a recovery meeting and talk about your temptation to join the office gang at the local bar. If you are lonely, talk about your loneliness and see what happens.

Perhaps you don’t want to go home on Friday night because your spouse and you are still learning to trust one another again, and the atmosphere just feels too awkward. Change up your Fridays by doing something brave, reach out instead of withdrawing into yourself. Embrace your sober life. Be innovative.

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