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4 Ways to Change Traditions in Recovery

Jan 1, 2018 | Drug Addiction, Recovery

Traditions can take place at any time in recovery. We hate to break traditions that have been handed down through families for generations. Breaking them seems like a bad idea since they have been around so long, but if your recovery is at stake you might want to rethink the consequences. Even though old habits die hard, you may die hard if you do not do something to prevent wrecking your chances at sobriety.


Change your company.


Family plays a big role during traditions, but some family members can cause strife in your recovery life. If you are around people that can affect your chances of staying sober, then walk away until you can get a better grasp on your recovery. Hang out with people that will support you during the adverse times that you are facing.


Change your environment.


You may have been going to your Grandma’s house ever since you can remember these particular traditions. This environment certainly comes with years of tradition. If alcohol is being served or you can get away with drug use there, you may want to change it up for the occasion. Go to 12-Step meetings instead or go to a sober event to risk a relapse.


Change your activities.


If you normally tailgate at a football game for your family traditions with some rowdy drinking buddies or attend an annual night before the traditional keg party, you may need to figure out something else to do since most likely this could cause triggers and cravings.


Change your perception.


You can change your perceptions to celebrate family traditions for what they really mean – time to be with family, to honor tradition, and to be present. Be of service to the people in your 12-Step program or to your community. There are some great opportunities to give back to show that you are truly grateful for all that you have been given in recovery.

Becoming comfortable with a new way of celebrating traditions can be achieved. It takes honesty and willingness on your part to admit to yourself and to your family members where your intentions lie – to stay sober for more traditions to come one day at a time.

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