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Can You Get Sober on a Court Card?

Jan 5, 2018 | QA, Sobriety

People come into 12-Step Programs from all walks of lives and for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes addicts need a different solution to help in their sobriety. Spouses, children, family members, or the Superior Court Systems may be instrumental in sending addicts to a 12-Step Program because they believe that the program can make a difference in an addict’s recovery.

There are many instances where addicts need to show proof of attendance of 12-Step Programs to convince others of the changes that they are making. Court cards are example of this process because they are slips of papers that contain lines for signatures and dates from the secretary of a 12-Step program. Although these 12-Step Programs are not affiliated with the court system in any way, the courts need evidence that the addict is willing to do certain things, including attending 12-Step Meetings, to follow their probation stipulations or to stay out of jail.

You may come into the meetings to sit in the back and not engage with anyone. Coming to the meetings in any capacity can be the beginning of a new way of life for you. Although you may have only come to the meeting to get your court card signed, members of 12-Step programs can begin to give you support that may be undeniable. You may not have any desire to connect with them, but just being in a room listening to what they are sharing can give you the ability to hear your story come out of someone else’s mouth. Being able to relate to others is one of the best attractions that a 12-Step Program has.

Getting sober on a court card is a definite possibility if you are agreeable to have an open-mind while attending these meetings. Your best bet is to get a sponsor and start working the steps to see where it takes you. If you are on probation and are court-ordered to abstain from drugs or alcohol, you should use your time wisely. You have to get your court card sign so why not make the experience a good one?

If you went to a meeting and asked for a show of hand of people that came into a 12-Step program on a court card and are still sober years later, you will find many people that have achieved sobriety in this fashion. You can be a success story as well, if you can surrender with a court card before you have to surrender to the court.

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