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Can You Attend a Wedding Sober?

Jan 4, 2018 | QA, Sobriety

When you get sober there is the impending doom that life will no longer be fun. You may feel like you are unable to attend any events where drugs and alcohol will usually give you the ability to be more gregarious and engaging with other. This mistaken belief can be unfounded for some who has not ever been sober for social settings.

One event that most people cannot even fathom being sober for is a wedding. Usually the alcohol is flowing to calm the nerves of the couple that is about to unite in holy matrimony and then to celebrate the couple’s first dinner as husband and wife. It sounds like a good time until you play the tape forward and forsee your inebriated self ruining one the most important days in the couple’s life.

Being sober at an event like a wedding that is commonly associated with free wine and beer, along with champagne toasts to the bride and groom, can seem like an impossible task when you first get sober. Triggers and cravings may be ignited without having some recovery tools in place.

Be sociable and take a sober plus one.

Going to a wedding alone is daunting for some, but going to a wedding alone sober can be even more of a frightful experience. Recovery works best in numbers, so bring somebody that you can you enjoy your day and stay sober with.

Be proactive and have a list of people to contact.

Putting together a group by text or a group of individuals to call can be valuable if you get to a point where you feel uncomfortable in your skin and you think you might drink. Use your peeps to get you over the hump.

Be prepared and have an exit strategy.

Setting boundaries is great in recovery. This can be effective in planning what you will do if different scenarios play out. Although you were probably taught to stay in the moment, it is not a bad thing to plan for protection in your sobriety.

Be recharged and go to a 12-Step meeting beforehand.

You should be around people that have the same goal as you – to stay sober no matter what. Getting in some experience, strength, and hope preceding the wedding, can help keep you focused on sobriety.

Be dedicated and figure out where the non-alcoholic drinks are.

Once you get to the reception, find the direction to the alcohol-free section of beverages and stay clear of the bar to shield yourself.

Be involved and participate in the festivities.

Weddings provide entertainment so take advantage of what is offered. Ask the the DJ to play your favorite jam and show off your dance moves. Catch the bouquet or the garter if you are single. Eat some cake to get sugar-buzzed. Do it all in the spirit of being grateful you are sober to experience new things without mind-altering drugs.

You should attend and commemorate a special occasion such as a wedding sober. The new Mr. and Mrs. will remember your support, and so will you.

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