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Can Somebody be Scared Straight into Recovery?

Jan 3, 2018 | QA, Recovery

Being scared straight is a term that is used for people that need to derail bad behavior to keep from going to rehabilitation facilities, jails, or hospitals. The phrase of being scared straight started from a documentary that was filmed in the late 1970’s and was directed by Arnold Shapiro. Some inmates in the Rahway State Prison were used to intimidate young rebels to deter them from the misfit path they were going down that would lead them to prison. Yelling and screaming at the young delinquents that were visiting the prison, was put into motion to “scare them straight”.

Addicts and alcoholics do their share of misfit activities while being under the influence. Family members, friends, employers, or law officials get tired of the criminal activities that happen over and over again. Enabling keeps an alcoholic or an addict from hitting their bottom. Sometimes the best thing for somebody that cannot get over their addiction is to let them hit rock bottom. This may allow them the chance to change their lives.

Loved ones get frustrated knowing that they have tried to instill the concept of knowing right from wrong to these addicts with no avail. Coming to grips of how an addiction changes brain function can be extremely challenging to accept for faulty behavior.

There are people out there that go to jail or get institutionalized that have a moment of clarity and realize that their purpose is to not to confine themselves any longer. Addicts will get to a point of asking themselves, “How did I get here?” and then following it up with, “What do I do to keep from getting here again?” Answering these questions may be all the gathered information that an addict needs for them to get “scared straight”.

Having a scared straight outlook on sobriety will only last so long. Recovery has to supervene to keep an addict or an alcoholic on legitimate terms. Reservations will lurk waiting for the addict to return to their old behavior. This means that the addict or alcoholic will have to change everything that will cause them to relapse in their substance abuse, but also with their sketchy behavior. Trying to maintain sobriety in unsuitable places and with unfit people may spark things back into the criminal background they came from.

If you have been scared straight, get into recovery to keep the momentum going down a better rallying point. Otherwise you may find yourself right back to square one.

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