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Can OCD Start with an Addiction?

Oct 13, 2017 | Mental Health, QA

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is classified to people who use repetitive, ritualistic behaviors that will relieve stress associated with their obsessions. Surely, we have all experienced illogical fears and worries. Ones that correlate with making sure the lights are turned off or washing our hands several times after an exposure to an illness. The fears and worries that relate to someone with OCD go much deeper than that because the fears and worries will turn into uncontrollable compulsions and obsessions that make someone’s life debilitating. This may sound familiar with the how addiction works. Compulsion and obsession over an addicting substance or activity can also incapacitate someone who is suffering from their addiction.

Many times, someone with OCD uses drugs and alcohol to calm their symptoms which can be a temporary solution to the obsessive thoughts and compulsions. Alcohol and drugs combined with OCD will make fears and worries even worse. People with OCD have a greater risk to gain a substance abuse disorder (SUD) since they are already prone to the compulsions and obsessions.

OCD is thought to be caused by heredity and genetic factors that starts during childhood. Many times there may not be behaviors that allude to the presence of OCD. Stress and addiction can bring about the once repressed symptoms of OCD out in full force in some cases.  Although OCD is still being researched, it is a common co-occurring disorder with addiction. Everyone is different and while there is no one cause for a SUD, OCD may cause an addiction or vice versa.

The good news about co-occurring disorders is that there is treatment to help them both concurrently. Treatment is better responded to when mental health is managed to help prolong sobriety. Not all rehabilitation facilities offer treatment for co-occurring disorders, but there are medically based treatment centers that can help an OCD addict get the treatment that will build a foundation in recovery.

Both OCD and addiction can be chronic and crippling, but very treatable medical conditions.

While it may not be important which came first, getting treatment for OCD and addiction is crucial to being able to live a healthy and fulfilling life once again.

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