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Can I Vacation in Recovery?

Can I Vacation in Recovery?

Jul 18, 2018 | QA, Recovery

Summertime is a season that people travel more than average because of the wonderful changes in weather and because kids are out of school making parents choose to use their vacation time from work. The problem is that many people who get sober tend to think they can no longer do they things they once did due to triggers and cravings. Vacationing is just another activity to learn how to do sober. By merely changing up the old ways you behaved on trips, you can become a regular jetsetter while staying sober.

Pack your recovery tools

Before you leave you should get together some tools that can help you to stay sober. Find some local 12-Step meetings you can attend before you get to your destination. If there are no meetings in the area, personalize a phone list of sober friends to call or FaceTime if you are feeling urges to drink or use. Just like you pack the items that you need to be comfortable on your trip, you would pack your recovery tools to protect your sobriety date at all costs.

Plan to relax

Travelling is meant to be enjoyable, but vacations often turn into jamming as many activities as possible into the entire time you are away. Whether it is sightseeing or visiting loved ones, too much stimulation can cause you to not take care of yourself. Instead of being on the constant go, plan some relaxing activities to balance out the hectic schedule many trips entail.

Prepare yourself

Know that you could be walking into the danger zone if you do not prep yourself in scenarios that you may want to drink and use in. If your resort only has a pool that is a bar, you may want to stay clear of that area to keep from getting provoked by the smells and misguided fun intoxicated people only seem to be having. Ask the hotel to take the mini bar out of your room if you feel you cannot handle being so close to the booze. Get familiar with your temporary surroundings so that they you can make better decisions to help you to remain sober.

Vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing while you continue your path to stay sober. The best thing you can do for your time away is to plan ahead with the things you can to keep your recovery intact.

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