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Can I Have Fun in Early Sobriety?

Dec 21, 2017 | QA, Sobriety

Getting sober gives addicts and alcoholics the delusion that they will not have fun anymore and will lead a boring life. This is just not true at all because there is so much fun to be had in early sobriety. The best part of having fun in early sobriety is that you will not have to apologize for what you did the day before, you can remember everything that you did, and the quality of people that you hang out with will be better. Finding the right activities for you can take you trying a few different things. Get a group of sober friends together to explore a multitude of different options.


Go to a speaker meeting on the weekend


The weekend can be precarious for addicts and alcoholics who might have the fear of missing out. Friday and Saturday nights are good nights to check out 12-Step Speaker meetings. Get together a group and eat before or after the meeting that you attend together.


Go play miniature golf


There is nothing like a little healthy competitiveness to literally get the ball rolling. The courses for miniature golf are a smaller course compared to normal golf, although the atmosphere and the layout shouts entertainment.


Host a game night


Play old school games, such as, Monopoly, Pictionary, or Trivial Pursuit. Try newer games such as What do you Meme?, Scene It, or if you dare, Cards of Humanity. Serve root beer floats and fun snacks for an entire game night theme.


Find a hobby


Addiction probably took up a ton of your time, so you may not even be aware of what you like to do. Try out yoga, hiking, cooking, gardening, or make use of an adult coloring book. Not only can it be enjoyable, but a hobby can be personally therapeutic for you.


Be a tourist


You do not have to be a world traveler, unless you want to. Go around the world and do what tourists do across the globe. There are many national and local spots that can also peak your interest in the way of architecture, culture, art, and nature.

Finding new things to do in early sobriety can make life more pleasant. Trying new things can be exciting and engaging, while having fun doing it.

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