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Can I Go to a Party in Early Sobriety?

Feb 9, 2018 | QA

Your life in recovery is now upon you. You got through detox, treatment and aftercare sober, but now it is time to focus on getting through your first party sober. Parties can be rampant with alcohol and drug abuse so there is no wonder that you may be worried about going for the first time in early sobriety. If you really want to attend a party where triggers and cravings can formulate, then there are some things that you should ponder on first to protect your sobriety and prevent relapse from happening.


  • Am I solid enough in my recovery to go to a party?


Your first knee-jerk response is probably to say, “Yes, of course!” Check with your sponsor, your therapist, or a pastor to get their feel on how sturdy your recovery is going. Since they are already someone that you trust to help you make your decisions, take their suggestions on something that could impact your sobriety.


  • What will I do if I start feeling the obsession coming on?


You will have to pack your tool kit before you go. Make a list of people to call. Tell people where you are going so they can check on you. Go with sober people who can support you when triggers and cravings present themselves. Follow your gut and get out if you feel uncomfortable. Strategize an exit plan if you are feeling weak to let the host know that you are leaving and thank them for their hospitality. Even if it is for only 30 minutes, there is no time limit to save what you are working so hard for in your recovery


  • Is my spiritual condition intact?


Only you will have the answer for this. Recovery pushes for a spiritual connection so that you can lean on something bigger than yourself to help you through the times you feel a desire to use or drink. Praying and meditating can be the very things to get you closer to your Higher Power and to use at a raging party to get you to leave with your sobriety still in place.

Bottom line is that you do not want to do anything that will jeopardize your sobriety. The fear of missing out can come with the cost of relapsing. The most important thing to consider is to make sure that you are stable in your recovery because there is always next year.






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