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Can Good Opportunities Come From Getting Sober?

Oct 16, 2017 | Sobriety

Sobriety is not just a healthier option for you, but it can also be a lucky break. Good opportunities can come from becoming sober and they may be in ways that you might have never thought were possible before. Getting sober initiates these opportunities, but it is the actions that you take that will bring the results that you get in sobriety.

You can grow up

Becoming more responsible in your life can help a maturity level that may have been stifled by addiction. Paying bills on time, having a secure place to live, and taking care of “adult” things can bring about a reorganization in you.

You can learn to be braver

Fear can rule your life during the times of your addiction. Doing something different than you are used to takes more strength than it does to keep doing the same thing.

You can develop profound relationships

Sobriety gives you the chance to become present in your relationships. The addiction became the priority which meant everyone else came in second. Being sober means that you can have relationships with more depth and weight with people that really mean something to you.

You can learn how to be an exceptional employee

Being the employee that you were meant to be can be a work in progress. By showing up on time, following the rules, and being honest and humble, you are more apt to impress your boss. A worker among workers means that you represent the company by showing respect to its policies and its people.

You can become a better person

Demoralization may have resulted during your run due to self-restraint. Right from wrong usually gets thrown out during the throes of your addiction. Once the addiction is gone, your moral compass can be set back to conscientious.

You can appreciate the beauty of nature

Not being able to see “the forest for the trees” is a common issue during addiction. Sobriety takes off the blinders to see things that addiction kept you from seeing all along. Watching a butterfly flutter or picking out the shapes in the clouds, can help you to sigh a breath of fresh sober air.

You can become open-minded

Recovery shows a way of life that may include a 12-Step program. Being open-minded to a Higher Power and the twelve steps, can be instrumental in having faith which can take the pressure off you – if you let it.

Opportunities from sobriety are not based on any luck or fortune, although the effort you put into staying sober will decide your outcome. If you are sober, then you already have already had a stroke of luck that will roll the dice for some better opportunities.


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