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Best Yoga Poses for Regulating Anxiety

Oct 10, 2017 | Recovery, Treatment, Wellness

The scientific study of yoga has shown that mental and physical health can be benefited through the exercise and relaxation methods that enhance a person’s mood. Symptoms of anxiety can be better managed through the practice of yoga. Classes can range from moderate to more challenging based off physical and personal preferences. Physical tension is released by reassigning attention to the body and breathing techniques during yoga.

Hatha yoga is the most common yoga application that is used in the United States. Three elements that Hatha yoga merges together are regulated breathing, a brief period of meditation, and physical poses.

Regulated Breathing

Pranayama is disciplined breathing through yoga. “Prana” means vital energy of the body or breath and “yama” means controlled. Using the rhythms of pranayama facilitates a healthy mind and body.


Dhyana reflects on profound meditation which is the penultimate stage of yoga after engaging in the preparatory exercises.

Physical Poses

Asanas represent the physical postures for every body part which can be referred to as yoga poses. These physical exercises focus on curing specific parts of the body through strengthening them.

Best Yoga Poses for Regulating Anxiety


Child’s Pose


Hitting this pose can helps relax the back, neck, and shoulders which is where most people hold their stress. Child’s pose calms the nervous system through continuous breathing leading to relaxation.

Tree Pose


The Tree Pose takes away anxiety by using focus and concentration through a basic standing balance. Distracts the mind from anxiety and puts it onto the physical side of the body.

Upside Down

Viparita Karani

Getting into this pose also known as “legs up the wall” can relieve anxiety symptoms including high blood pressure. Stress and tension are relieved within the upside down pose and does not require much flexibility.

Warrior III

Virabhadrasana III

The abdominal region is stimulated by this pose to enhance better digestion. Anxiety can cause the stomach to become upset linking the brain to the bowels.  This pose also calms the mind through shifting attention to coordination.

Corpse Pose


A physically easy pose that takes some practice to accomplish the meditation and relaxation of the mind while simultaneously stimulating the body. The point is to expel out the stressors of life with breathing while connecting mind, body, and spirit.


Breathing and focusing on the movements of yoga are the key components that are useful for anxiety because yoga helps to clear the mind. Yoga poses are instrumental in managing calmness and contentedness to help relieve the symptoms of anxiety.

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