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Best Ways to Stay Sober During Football Season

Jan 2, 2018 | Sobriety, Wellness

Football season is notoriously known for partying on gameday. Fans will tailgate, meet up in a bar that display numerous big screens to watch each game, or have a game watching party at someone’s house. With each of these events, alcohol and drugs can run rampant with the excitement of the day. You might think about the impossibility of staying sober during your favorite time of the year. All you need to do is strap on your recovery shoulder pads and helmet and defend yourself against those offensive drugs and alcohol.

Get a game plan.

Strategy is how football games are won, so why not put strategy into how you plan to stay sober. Go to a 12-Step meeting before the game to get your sober face on. Have a team that you can you call when you feel triggers and cravings come forth. Putting some recovery action into play will not only help you maintain sobriety, but it just might push you to initiate some necessary changes in how you watch football going forward.

Have a Viewing Party.

Invite some sober football fans over on your turf to watch the game. Include some of the aspects of the stadium atmosphere by bringing them into your living room. Enjoy some root beer floats and lots of concession foods. Even if they have a favorite team that is different from yours, you will still be united on the same team in recovery.

Adjust Your Tailgate Style.

Start your own sober tailgate group and be of service to others that may have the same struggles. Take a non-alcoholic beverage for yourself and let the people that you tailgate with know that you are sober. If they judge you, then they were not really on your team in the first place.

Get a Sponsor to be your coach.

You need support and one of the best ways to do that in recovery is to get somebody that can point you in the right direction and that will inspire you to get that “W”. The “W” of course meaning willingness to do whatever it takes to stay sober even if it means putting the plug in the jug during football season.

Although you should stop drinking and using while watching your favorite sport, it does not mean you should sit on the bench entirely. Have a good time rooting for your team while rooting on your recovery.

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