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Best Ways to Stay Determined in Sobriety

Mar 22, 2018 | Recovery, Sobriety

“Turn lemons into lemonade,” they say, but did they ever get sober? Sometimes it can be a difficult task to stay on target in sobriety. Life continues to happen once cessation of drugs and alcohol occurs. This means that there will still be ups and downs as life rolls along. Sometimes the highs and lows can get someone off track of what their focus should be – sobriety. Just like anything that you need to do on a consistent basis, it takes practice and determination to get the results that you had hoped for, and sobriety is no different.

Change your mindset

Instead of thinking that you have to, try doing it because you want to. Your own perception can become distorted and be the very thing that can set you back to square one. You get to live a life in recovery and you probably know by now, it is way better than the alternative of getting loaded.  

Secure some support

Finding your place in recovery is imperative to long-term sobriety. Whether you find a support group, a 12-Step program, or support from church members, having a soft place to fall can help you out when you are feeling weak. Knowing that you can confide in someone, attend a meeting with like-minded folks, or use spirituality to push through, you can abolish all the negative feelings to continue to be determined in sobriety.

Locate a mentor or a sponsor

People that have walked before you can illustrate to you how they did it. Getting someone to show you the ropes or pick their brain on how they were able to abstain from drugs and alcohol, can greatly impact you by keeping the vision of recovery in motion with a plan of action.

Give back to others

You may feel like you are ill-equipped to help anyone, however, anyone at any time can assist anybody. There is no rhyme or reason for being of service to someone else. It doesn’t matter if you have one day of sobriety, giving back is one of the best ways to stay determined because you might feel pained if you were not there to comfort someone else.

Determination is the key to persevering in your sobriety. While it will not always be an easy road to travel down, staying determined to remain sober will be the most-rewarding decision you can ever make.

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