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Assertiveness vs. Aggressiveness

Feb 9, 2018 | Relationships, Wellness

We are taught early on in our lives that if we want to get our point across, we have be assertive. This can be misconstrued sometimes as being aggressive, or even in a milder state of passive aggressiveness. There is a distinct difference between the two words that should be recognized as such.

Assertiveness is a positive way to set boundaries and let people know where you stand. There is nothing wrong with having your own beliefs and opinions, if you let others have theirs as well. This is where aggressiveness can be a problem. People these days can be quick to give their opinions without giving anyone else’s a chance. With social media, it has become very easy to get online while sitting behind a computer to make negative statements that they would probably not make in person.

Being assertive shows that you are trying to be diplomatic by insisting on your stance for the better good of everyone, and not just yourself. Appropriately pointing out the cause of the situation at hand rather than demanding it will help you to amass the respect of your peers and show your leadership abilities. When you are aggressive, it can show a real coarseness to those around you that can get them to back off from you instead of supporting you in your cause.

Being emotionally centered can aid in how you are perceived by others. Accessing your circumstances in a way to learn from mistakes, validate the feelings of others, and gauge how others are reacting to your approach to adjust it, can be the very thing to further you along more successfully with the people that you meet. An assertive person is thoughtful with their intelligence, while an aggressive person will roll over anyone in their way to make sure that everyone knows that they are right.

The saying, “Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy”, applies nicely in the search of finding how assertiveness and aggressiveness differ. Someone in the aggressive nature is just on the constant to hunt to prove that everything that they do and say is right without listening to the sentiments of anyone else. Assertive people make their intent to take in the point of view of others while going with the flow. Being assertive is a healthy balancing act that can make you be the very best version of yourself.





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