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Are You Open-Minded in Recovery?

Oct 12, 2017 | Recovery

The question of being open-minded comes up all the time in a recovery setting. The main purpose of questioning open-mindedness is to be able to keep yourself in check to be susceptible to people and issues that come about from addiction. Open-minded is defined as having or showing a mind receptive to new ideas or arguments. You will have to demonstrate the signs of being unprejudiced, unbigoted, and impartial to walk the line of open-mindedness.

You probably started out just like many people did when getting sober, with a bunch of wreckage from your past. The best moments of clarity can come when you strive to be approachable and open-minded. By building relationships with others, you can learn to display congenial body language to show that you are willing to peel back the layers.

Normal human behavior involves the judgement of others. If you have had a checkered past with your addiction then it may be in your best interest to learn how to look past the mistakes and misgivings of others to focus on yours first. When you judge a book by its cover then you are less likely to see a person for who they really are. Much can be learned by putting aside race, age, gender, or anything else that makes somebody unique. Personal differences can create reasons to learn something new about your fellows.

People that are open-minded revel in the ability to learn about their recovery. Gaining more perspective and insight by being open to the suggestions of recovery may not make sense to you. Many things that enhance your recovery may sound like mumbo jumbo, but by being open-minded you can acquire the “do not knock it until you try it” mentality. Being unclosed to what other’s views and beliefs are can really broaden your understanding of what recovery really means.

Getting out of your comfort zone to get involved in recovery, can muster a willingness to try new things when you really do not want to. This eagerness is what the epitome of open-mindedness can be illustrated as. Questioning the means and motives of recovery makes it possible to see if recovery is actually working.

A brand-new world can emerge from unburdening your brainpower within recovery. An impartial outlook can be useful in learning valuable lessons to help you reach your patulous potential that recovery has to offer.


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