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Are Safe Injection Facilities the Answer?

Are Safe Injection Facilities the Answer?

Jun 29, 2018 | Addiction, QA

With the opioid crisis in full bloom in the United States, people are scrambling to find answers to decrease the death toll that has more than doubled with the current epidemic of overdoses. States across the board are looking into a method that has been shown to work in different countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, and Canada. Their solution is Safe Injection Facilities with over 100 facilities that have opened in approximately 66 cities in these countries around the world.

Safe Injection Facilities is a hygienic and safe environment for someone to use their intravenously drugs with not necessarily more ease but harmlessly with some supervision. A Safe Injection Facility provides many things that someone on the street or in a dope house do not have access to. One of the main benefits that these facilities provide is the reduction of public disorder that illicit drugs seem to generate.

Users are provided clean needles which can help prevent the transmission of disease such as HIV or hepatitis. Once the syringes are used, they are properly disposed of by coordinators in the injection site. With having a trained staff within a Safe Injection Facility, they have an opportunity to inform users about the dangers of intravenous drug use and how to reduce the harms, give them knowledge about health care, provide them access to medical staff, offer counseling, and give them a referral into a treatment center. Overdosing is also managed by the watchful eyes of the staff on premise who have a supply of Naloxone to revive someone that is in jeopardy of drug overdose.

There is controversy that surrounds these Safe Injection Facilities because people believe that these places are enabling drug use rather than helping to diminish the issues that cause the opioid crisis. No research has proven that this concept will fail with more data that shows that these sites have helped more addicted persons than they have harmed. Although the United States does not currently have a Safe Injection Facility in the country, there are ideas of having the first ones in cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, and in New York in the city of Ithaca.

People that come to the Safe Injection Sites often want to use in a safe setting because they do care about their health and may want to stop even though they feel as though they have no way out. A Safe Injection Site may be the very thing to keep them alive.

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