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Are Online Meetings an Option for Me?

Are Online Meetings an Option for Me?

Jul 5, 2018 | 12 Step Meeting, QA

Someone that is in recovery needs support to remain sober. A person who wants to stay sober long term cannot typically do so alone. Without being around like-minded individuals that get your drift and without hearing solution on a regular basis, you can forget rather quickly what your addiction was really like. This is where support groups like 12-Step meetings really come in handy because meetings are important to relate with others.

There are reasons why people are unable to attend meetings such as living in remote areas, illness, mobility issues, inclement weather, not having child care, or not finding meetings around their job schedule. With these types of circumstances, thankfully there are other options with today’s technology. You can attend a meeting online pretty much around the clock without having to leave your house.

Intherooms.com is online service where you can attend a meeting online. This website offers an array of recovery programs such as 12-Step meetings of every addiction affiliation, SMART Recovery, and Lifering to name a few. The philosophy of the website is to have global recovery of every possible genre right at the keyboard of your computer.

Once you approach the website, you will be instructed to sign up to make a profile for yourself. Depending on what your comfort level is, you can be however anonymous you choose to be. You can add a picture of yourself or use an avatar and you can use a nickname or your real name. Once you choose a meeting that you want to attend, you can enable your camera to be seen or make the choice to keep it off.

While attending a meeting, you will see that each group follows their protocol exactly with what will happen in a live meeting. In an Alcoholics Anonymous online meeting, the preamble and some of the other literature will be read by members of the group. Then the meeting will be opened to sharing with a moderator, or secretary, that will intervene if need be. You will also be directed to donate to the 7th Tradition if you wish to. Before the meeting closes, the promises will be read, and the serenity prayer recited.

To keep each group as authentic as possible is the goal of intherooms.com so that people who are unable to make meetings can still be a part of a fellowship that helps them thrive in their sobriety. Going to any lengths to stay sober is an understatement when you can simply log into your computer stat to get the solution that you need right at your fingertips.

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