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Why is Anonymity Important in Recovery?

Dec 19, 2017 | QA, Treatment

For decades, anonymity has been a long-standing fundamental principle of 12-Step programs. Anonymity does not mean that people cannot talk about their recovery. It just means that members should not disclose their involvement in 12-Step programs, beyond the program. There is controversy that surrounds anonymity because there are people that truly wish to remain anonymous and there are others who would like to shout it to the world. Both sides seemingly benefit from their own beliefs.

Anonymity within 12-Step programs help people that feel helpless and ashamed go to a place that makes them feel safe in sharing about the unbecoming things that happened during their addiction. People who want to protect themselves in their professional and personal lives can find a haven that helps addicts feel better about their circumstances since they are unsure if they will be discriminated against with their past transgressions. Having a place of retreat to open more freely about their feelings, can help them gradually come into acceptance that they are an addict.

The recovery world is continuously growing with technology and providing more in depth medical information. Recovery has evolved into helping so many people that would not otherwise be informed by all the material that people are able to access now. Having answers and solution more readily, cracks the negative stigma that has continually surrounded addicts for decades.

Addiction does not discriminate against any one group of people. Heroin can bring down the captain of the football team or inflict a modest grandmother who has not drank alcohol for most of her life. The reality of addiction has been brought to light by not following anonymity in recovery. Breaking down the walls that addiction is a disease that affects the brain, has helped to start fighting the war against alcohol and drug abuse.

The best way to support anonymity is to figure out what works for everyone. If an addict is a member of 12-Step program, then it would be wise to stick to the suggestion of keeping anonymity as a core principle of recovery. If not in a 12-Step program, keep to yourself and not break another person’s anonymity, for example, by posting their personal situation on social media.

Recovery creates an equal opportunity for people to stay sober. The main focus of a 12-Step program is to keep the integrity of their program intact like it has remained since 1939. Unity has refrained people from outing their peers while bringing recovery into a new light.

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