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Acupuncture for Addiction Recovery

Acupuncture for Addiction Recovery

Aug 23, 2018 | Addiction, Recovery

Holistic therapies are meant to connect the mind, the body, and the spirit into one entity. One of the therapies that has been around for centuries is acupuncture which was originally used in the Chinese culture to cure ailments that were at or near the body’s surface. Acupuncture made its way to the United States in the early 1970’s as an alternative to medicine although less than 1 percent of the American population utilized the method until the 2000’s.

The general theory surrounding acupuncture is the evidence that there are patterns of energy, called Qi, that flow through the body and are instrumental for optimal health. The disruptions of Qi are caused by illnesses in the body that acupuncture can resolve. Imbalances of Qi are corrected at identifiable points in the skin that can be restored with the techniques of acupuncture.

An insertion of very thin needles placed in strategic points of the body are used to treat pain and other conditions that create undue stressors. Discomfort that is caused with chemotherapy, dental work, migraines, pain associated with child labor, fibromyalgia, and neck or back pain can be treated with acupuncture to provide relief. The procedure uses anatomical locations to penetrate the skin causing stimulation.

According to TCM acupuncture which is the technique frequently used in the United States, the body has 13 meridians for which 361 identifiable points lie. The vital energy of Qi circulates the body through the essential meridians that carry the energy. Acupuncture points are found along the meridians that harbor specific locations that needles are embedded in by an acupuncturist.

Before the acupuncturist insert any needles, however, they will ask questions regarding your overall health and your background to get a consensus of your energy. They will question your diet, sleep patterns, and lifestyle to tailor a specific treatment to you. To better survey your acupunctural needs, diagnostic testing will also take place that consists of taking your pulse and checking your tongue which gives a good indication of how healthy you actually are.

For someone who is trying to get sober, acupuncture can alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings through points in the external part of the ear. Just as drugs and alcohol trigger the reward system in the brain, acupuncture affects the dopaminergic system by reducing the positive and negative reinforcements of addiction where cravings turn up.

As holistic therapies expand to help with addiction recovery, acupuncture continues to increase its popularity as a frontrunner to reduce the stress that people encounter on a daily basis. Taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually can help you to stay sober and improve your Qi.

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