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Abstinence vs. Recovery

Feb 1, 2018 | Recovery, Treatment

Cessation of drugs and alcohol can happen differently for everyone. Some may quit on their own while others may quit for a multitude of other reasons that are not self-imposed. Regardless of why you stopped, the how to you stopping, can be the difference between abstinence and recovery.

Abstinence means to “stop something by restraining yourself from an indulgence”. This comes along the lines of white knuckling it, hanging on by a thread, being a dry drunk, or holding onto sheer willpower. Human nature dictates that most people cannot stop doing addictive behaviors on their own. They generally need to be encouraged, inspired, and supported to be able to accomplish long-term sobriety. Using abstinence as way to stop drinking or using, elicits no real growth keeping someone stagnant with any sort of recovery.

Recovery means “to return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength”. Using recovery in your sobriety, can help to you to learn why you drank and how you can refrain from getting drunk or high for the long haul. Going to treatment, attending 12-Step programs, and processing in therapy can assist you to get to the deep-seeded truths and secrets that make you feel uncomfortable in your skin. Receiving help and support from others can be instrumental by giving you the knowledge and preparation to keep your sobriety intact.

Recovery arrests an addiction. Although someone struggling with drugs and alcohol is not cured of their addiction, recovery gives them an opportunity to fill the void in their life by seeking a method to be free of cravings, triggers, the mental obsession, and anything that stands in the way of their sobriety. Encouraging growth through mental, physical, and spiritual aspects can bring about significant changes that can allow someone with an addiction peace of mind.

Recovery takes commitment because it is a continuing process that only happens when someone’s put in their personal efforts. This typically will lead someone with a dependence to drugs and alcohol in pursuit of a fulfilling life instead of just putting down the drink or the drug.

Being abstinence incites someone to stop using the substance. Recovery promotes a person to walk away from drugs or alcohol along with working towards changing their behavior from looking at the issues that caused them to drink and use in the first place. Attempting to better all areas of life instead of only being abstinent, can give an individual a healthier outlook on life.





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